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Taveo is a new an exciting project by the Mox Mobile team. Taveo is a URL analytics platform that allows the tracking and analysis of various statistics about users and devices that click or follow links. We are currently in closed beta testing, but expect to launch in early 2015.

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World Wonders is a mobile app developed by us in 2014. It was developed using Apache Cordova and is available for Android and iOS devices. It contains over 100 amazing objects that can be seen on google maps satellite view. Objects are broken up into categories and information about each object (such as location) can be seen. Within 4 months of release we had over 50,000 downloads with a 4+ rating on the Google Play store.

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Mox Mobile was founded in 2013 by moxone . We specialize in bringing innovative solutions to a mobile world. We are well versed in many aspects of mobile and software development. Our favorite software stacks include Apache Cordova, Python, jQuery, Postgres and others. If you think we can add value to your project, feel free to contact us!

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